Friday, August 3, 2018


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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Affiliate Marketing, SFI and Tripleclicks


Affiliate Marketing is an established means of earning online. Through affiliate marketing, one promotes and sells products and/or services of another company. If a product or service of the company is purchased (by a visitor to the affiliate's website or blog) through the link provided to the affiliate, then the affiliate gets commissions.

Strong Future International, or SFI in short, provides such an affiliate marketing platform. Thousands of products are available to choose from by affiliates at tripleclicks. You can become a member of SFI and Tripleclicks for free.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some facts about my school

I did my schooling from an english-medium school named V. S. Vidyalaya in the town of HAL Township, Koraput, Orissa. It is affiliated to the CBSE board and produced very talented students, who are now well placed in various disciplines of life. The school had well qualified teachers and very friendly atmosphere. The premises constitute three buildings for holding classes for standards LKG to class IV , standards V to VIII, and standards IX to XII.

My favourite subject was chemistry, followed by mathematics, and my favourite teacher was Mr. C. K. Palit.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ajitesh Biswas (birth state Orissa, India) Self Introduction

Hi bloggers,

I am quite happy to join the blogging site. This is going to be my first venture into blogging. Let me introduce myself to you all.

I am Ajitesh Biswas from Kolkata, India. Was born and brought up in a small and picturesque town in Orissa (one of the states in India), I did my schooling in an english medium school in the said place. I passed my high school in the year 1992. I like making friends, Net surfing, listening to music, travelling, sight seeing. Regarding my professional qualification, I am well experienced in data entry, computer operations, and like to and aspire to learn more about marketing concepts. I hold diploma degrees in back office management and ecommerce. I am compassionate, simple at heart, loving, helping towards people in need.